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Whether you are looking to transform your business or life, CLARA-TY is the key!


When we are confused, we lack vision, have fear and don't take movement forward.


With CLARA-TY you will:

Design and define your vision

Develop clear and manageable action steps to help you transform

Start taking action


Life isn't always easy but getting clear should be.

It all starts with CLARA-TY.

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About Me

A Natural Born Coach


People ask me how I became a coach. My story is not unlike others - I knew I wanted to help people but was afraid that my voice wasn't special or important enough. In time I grew and began to see the power in my voice and my ability to help others shine and become their best and that is why I love being a coach.



Confusion causes you to stand still - and that means putting your dreams on hold. Clarity brings your life into focus. Find Your Focus - 52 Weeks of Clara-Ty is a workbook containing a series of fifty-two journal exercises to help you unlock your potential, release your fears, and help you decide where you want to go personally and professionally. 

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