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Coaching & Training

My coaching includes the tools you need to compete, excel and achieve in the business world. My strategic advice is practical, cost-effective, and focused on helping you succeed.


I offer clients my 3-tired approach to success:

  1. I assist you in defining your goals and your "why"

  2. Develop purposeful strategies for you to achieve your goals

  3. Motivate, guide and hold you accountable in the execution of your plan


My ultimate goal is to help you find clarity, be purposeful, and live intentionally. Together we will assist and guide you to cut through the predictable fear of a task, and hold you accountable so you can achieve the results you seek and then some. 


Introduction to Clara-Ty

Introduction to Clara-Ty

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Clara-Ty in Business

Clara-Ty in Business

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Clara-Ty in Time

Clara-Ty in Time

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Get in touch to find your CLARA-TY 


  • Key Note Speaker for events

  • Personal one-on-one Business Coaching

  • Group Coaching for Mompreneur Groups

  • Writing for your magazine, newsletter, other

  • Training for small groups and companies

Speaking Topics and Classes

  • Tick - Tock - How to Manage Your Time (1-3 Hours)

    • Summary: Many of us struggle with time. Learning how to leverage your time gives you power over your day and business. This session will provide you with seven strategies to better maximize and leverage your investment of time.

  • Managing Distractions (1-2.5 hours)

    • Summary: Distractions are real and they eat up a large portion of our day. To be more productive, we need to learn how to manage them. This session will provide you with five strategies to help you effectively Manage Distractions in your day.

  • 6 Magic Words - Differentiating Yourself and Showing Value (1-3 hours)

    • Summary: How will you stand out? And more importantly, how will your client understand your value? In this session you will learn how to understand and clearly articulate your value, allowing you to better serve and grow your business.

  • Best Practices to Build a Relationship Business (1-3 hours)

    • Summary: The most sustainable businesses are the ones that have a basis in relationships over dollars. Learn some of the best practices to create a relationship business.

  • Average to Champion - Developing Habits That Stick (1-3 hours)

    • Summary: Want to be at the top of your game? You need to have habits that will allow you to stay on top. This session will help you understand the importance of thinking like a "champion" and give you strategies to build solid habits that will last.

  • Be a CEO (1-2 hours)

    • Summary: Are you running a business or is your business running you? Learn key concepts on how to be an effective leader and CEO and take your business to the top.

  • Team Dynamics - How to Build Culture That Delivers WOW Experience (1-2 hours)

  • ​The Language of Success - How to Successfully Work With All Personality Styles

  • EQ - Undersatnding the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

  • Negotiate to Win - Strategies to Successful and Collaborative Negotiations

  • Business Planning Workshop (3-4 hours)

    • Summary: In this workshop, we will go through the components of building a solid business plan, including a deep dive into being a CEO, understanding and identifying your "why", identify the needed skill sets to develop mastery in your field and develop the plan for your core fundamental activities.

  • Victim to Player - How Mindset Changes the Game (1-2 hours)

    • Summary: You determine your success. Learn how to program your brain for purpose and success and how to create the attitude of a Player.

  • Creating YOUR Vision For Success, Growth and Happiness

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