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Ninja Selling & Installation

Ninja selling is all about working smarter not harder . . . 

The Ninja selling system is based on building relationships, listening to your customers, and helping them to get where they want to be. The goal of Ninja selling is to increase your income and your customer's satisfaction, and improve your quality of life.

My Ninja Clients Get Results

  • Ninja Coaching Clients experienced an 81% increase in GCI 2015 over 2014

  • Average annual CGI for agents invovled in Ninja Coaching for more than 1 year is $291,593

  • Average annual CGI for agents invovled in Ninja Coaching for more than 2 years is $307,705

  • 30% of the agents involved in Ninja Coaching make over $350,000 CGI annually

The Four Unique Principles of Ninja  Selling

  • Stop selling - don't chase customers. Ninja is all about having people coming to you and attracting people.

  • Build a relationship business by creating value.

  • Customer centric - it's about them understanding your customers

  • Personal mastery - to get better in business, you must get better as a person

Four-Day Ninja Installation

We will cover complete, integrated system - rather than just the various pieces of the Ninja process. My Ninja mastery in group which includes:

  • The Buyer Process - Learn the 10-Step Ninja Buyer Process

  • The Seller Process - Covers Ninja Sweet 16 Listing Presentation

  • Negotiations

  • Business Planning

  • Mindset - How the brain makes decisions, player vs. victim mentality, serve vs. sell

  • Your Brain and Belief System - How your mind works, your programmable software

  • Power of Focus

  • Financial goals, affirmations and goal contact

Individual Ninja Classes

  • Ninja Selling (1-3 Hours) - This is an overview of the history of Ninja and how to create a sustainable and predictable business practice.

  • The Buyer Process / The Seller Process (3 Hours each) - To have success, you need to build trust. One way to do that is to have a process that works. These sessions will cover the 10-Step Ninja Buyer Process and the 16-Step Seller Process.

  • Negotiate Like a Ninja (1.5 Hours) - Learn the 15 strategies to Negotiate Like a Ninja.

  • Leadership (2-4 Hours) - Learn the three basics to succeed as a leader - Communicate, Culture, and Vision - and how to implement these into your role as a leader in areas such as recruiting, retention, and driving production.

  • One-Day Ninja (1 Day) - Covers the history of Ninja, the mindset of a Ninja, how to add value and build trust with your clients, and the Ninja buyer/seller process.

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