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Do You Believe?

I heard a story the other day that I wanted to share…

As a young man, Nathaniel wanted to be an author. With a new wife and family about to start, this venture was not possible so like many, Nathaniel took a safe job where he remained for many years. As time went on and Nathaniel grew older, he never lost sight of his dream.

One day, drained from a long day at work, his wife asked him if he still wanted to write. “every day” he said, “ but with a family and bills, it just is not possible for me to quit and focus on a dream like that.” His wife went to drawer in their room and as she opened it Nathaniel saw it was filled with cash. In shock is asked where all the money had come from. His wife replied – “ I have been saving a little bit each week from the money we set aside for our living expenses. I know you have your dream and this money will allow us to live for a full year while you take time to write your book. I believe in you!” With tears in his eyes Nathaniel knew it was time. A year later the (now famous) book the Scarlet Letter was born. Yes Nathaniel was the author Nathaniel Hawthorn.

We all have dreams – and often our dreams cannot be born unless we have someone who believes in us – someone who will take a leap of faith with us and allow us to reach for that star that seems so far away.

And just like we need someone to believe in us, we also may need to be the person to believe in another. We may need to be the one to shed light and hope on another’s dream and allow them to go forward.

So this week take a moment of gratitude toward those who have believed in you, and also take time to think about who you need to believe in. You never know what book, award, accomplishment is just waiting to be discovered with a little belief from you.

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