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LGIM: Warrior 3

In yoga there is a pose called Warrior 3 – when explained, it seems quite simple, however is quite challenging to do correctly. To achieve the pose one stands on one leg while kicking backwards with the other leg and holding their arms out forward as if they are creating the letter ‘T’ with their body.

The pose is meant to symbolize life: with one leg you are connecting back to the past, arms stretched out reaching into your future, and your leg firmly cemented on the ground holding you in the present. You can kick back and reach forward, but without your foundation center you will fall.

The same is true for life, our past is where we came from and we will always be connected to it; our future is ahead and we need to reach for it and have direction; our present is now and is our truth and foundation. We cannot cling to the past and we cannot focus and only live for the future – we must be rooted in today, without a strong foundation today all else will fall apart.

So for this week – create a solid foundation for yourself. Enjoy the present and be strong. Know your past and where you are going, but the true gift is in today.

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