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Leave the Harbor

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in Santa Cruz, Ca. I would love going to the yacht harbor and see all the boats – they were so pretty and I always dreamed of having one. It always surprised me how many boats there were there at the dock that never seemed to leave, it was as if they never got a chance to get out to the open sea.

I have seen a quote that says, “boats were made for sailing, not to stay in the safety of the harbor”. Very true statement.

I think we can be the same. We work so hard on ourselves, perfecting our “imperfections” and getting our selves ready….yet we never really let go and get out there.

We read more books

We take more classes

We create more to do lists…..

We are constantly getting ready to get ready when what we really need to do is just go!

This week, leave the harbor and sail. Do what you were made to do – connect with and serve others. You have all you need right inside of you. Leave the safety of the office, the home, your phone and get out there and truly live. Just like the boats, you were not made to just stay behind. Go and make your life happen!

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