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Don't be a Hare

Most of us grew up learning the story of the tortoise and the hare. No matter how many times your read it, it always ends the same – the tortoise wins.

The challenge is that we live in a world that is dominated by hares. Everyone is in such a hurry and rush to get from one thing to the next. Quickness is admired and working as fast as you can so you can accomplish more is an honored trait in people. But when you are moving so fast, things fall through the cracks. You are not truly present and you end up losing sight of your goals.

As we move through our days we have to remember the motto of this story – slow and steady wins the race. This week slow down and being consistent – don’t rush through your days. Be present and focused.

This week don’t be a hare, but rather be the tortoise. You may seem to go slow, but in the long run you will win the race.

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