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Retired navy seal commander Jocko Willink has one word to sum up all things… Good

Good is the only answer to all that happens to us. It is the only way to respond….

For him and his team good means –

You accomplished the mission – good we can celebrate and plan the next one.

You missed a target – good, now you know what skillsets you need to work on.

You failed – good, you learned.

We need to look at the ‘good’ too.

Got the deal - good now focus on being your best for the client

Over slept - good now you can create a system to not let that happen again

Lost a client - good now you can focus on the skills and lessons to get stronger for the next one ( and there will always be a next one)

Hit your goal- good. Celebrate and prepare for the next chapter

Good allows you to move on and recognize that something good can always follow, even a bad situation.

So this week focus on the good - the growth, the learning opportunities and the celebrations. This week be good!

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