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it's gonna get messy

Robin Sharma is one of my favorite mentors. In his talks, he discusses change. He says:

Change is scary at first, messy in the middle and glorious at the end. And he is right!

Many times we want to HAVE the change but we are scared to take action. Maybe we are unsure of how or it could be just in our own internal belief that we can actually make the change happen. Sometimes we are even scared of our own potential.

Then we start taking steps toward change and its hard….yikes! We stumble, we are uncomfortable and have to take action that isn’t always fun. Its messy. This is where most quit – its gets messy and hard so they stop and just go back to what they know and are comfortable with – they give up and never make the change.

Still there are those that fight through the fear and discomfort. They know it isn’t easy and they don’t like it – but they have made the decision and are committed to the change. They can do this because they believe in themselves, their worth and that the new reality will bring them greatness. They are the ones that can look back and see the glory in how far they have come.

This week I challenge you to change – yes it may be scary and messy AND I promise you in the end it will be glorious. Fight through it all and go for the change. It will be worth it.

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