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Chasing Rabbits

Every morning I take my dog Lulu to the park. One of the first things she does is chase top speed after rabbits. Every morning! She has the chase even though she has never caught one. You see, Lulu has never had a parent , teacher or friend tell her she is crazy and she will never catch the rabbit - in her little doggie brain it is completely possible.

What if we woke up every day with that level of chase for our dreams - Knowing that catching that dream is possible?

I think many of us have the desire and drive by we only chase at a 30,40 or 50% level. Why? What happens to our Chase?

The truth is that you can't catch that dream with only a 50% chase - you have to give more. You have to wake up with that hunger and desire to chase at top speed. Others will tell you you’re crazy or wasting your time -who cares ! You can't stop the chase.

This week take a lesson from Lulu and get out there and chase your dreams. Forget about what others may tell you - this isn’t their dream it's yours. And it is there -but you will have to get out and chase it!

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