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How to Cook a Pot Roast

One day a young woman was making a pot roast for her family. Her daughter sat close by observing her mother as she prepped the meat with the spices and then cutting the ends off the roast and putting it into the pan.

“Why do you cut the ends off the roast mommy?” she asked her mother

“well that is how my mother taught me to prepare it. I have always done it like this.” she replied and continued on with her process.

A few days later, while talking with her mother, she inquired about the pot roast prepping and asked, ‘ So mom, why do you cut off the ends before putting the roast in the over?” Her mother replied, “ Well that is how Grandma taught me to cook it and I have always done that.

Another couple days pass and now the mother was talking with her mother and asked the question again… grandma replied “ well I had to cut off the ends because I only had one roasting pan and the roast was always too big to fit in there. I cut off the ends to make it fit.”

How many times have we done something because that is the way we were taught and the way we “have always done it”? Sometimes we need to stop and evaluate why we are doing something and determine if it is the right process, or maybe we need to adapt it and alter it. Just because it work before, doens’t mean we cannot change it to make it fit our needs today.

This week – stop and think about what you do and how you maneuver through your daily practices… are they the best way or do you need to make some updates that will better serve you? You may find that, like with the pot roast, you don’t need to just cut off the ends because grandma did.

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