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Play Ball

In honor of baseball season, lets look at the success rate of a ball player. A great player has a batting average of .300. What this means is that the batter will get a hit 3 out of 10 times, or 30%. Conversely this also means that they will miss 7 out of 10 or 70%.... so to be considered great they fail 70% of the time! And they are thrilled, sought after and revered.

Take a look at yourself. How often do you fail?

Most of us fail 10, 20 maybe 30% of the time and we are crushed. We get frustrated, sad and often shut down.

A ball player happy with 70% failure and we are distraught over 30% or even less......

Its time to STOP! To stop the frustration, despair and negative self-talk. We all fail. And it is a good thing…

Failure brings




Humility and


Failure is good and we need to start embracing it.

So this week – go up to the plate and swing at that ball! Go for your dreams and don’t worry about missing the ball…. Just swing. Chances are you will have a better average than most ball players of connecting and hitting a home run.

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