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Time for an Oil Change

i love my car, but one thing i don't care for is the maintenance part of owning a car. It takes time, money and effort to keep it running. However if i don't maintain it, it will not run, or perform, at the level i need it to.... and i need my car to run.

We are like our cars. We are dependent on ourselves being healthy and to work at optimal performance, but we often don't take care of ourselves. We put our needs on the back burner and therefor are often running on fumes and are sluggish.

Yes it takes time, effort and sometimes money to keep ourselves healthy, but think of it this way - our people ( our families, friends and clients) need us to be at peak performance. They depend on us to take care of them, to guide them and advise them. We cannot do that if we are not at our best.

So this week - give yourself and 'oil change' and check your tire pressure - are you running at your best? are you ready to perform at your optimal performance level? If not - it may be time for a needed tune up.

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