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Rocks Ahead

There was a group of students who decided to go white water rafting. They had never been before and they were excited. When they connected with the guide they were told that conditions were a litter rougher than normal. As they got their tutorial from the guide, he told them:

"when i want you to paddle I am going to call out where I want to you paddle to - not what i want you to paddle away from. So I may yell out - right bank - meaning paddle toward the right bank of the river rather than steer away from those rocks!"

What the guide meant by this is that whatever he called out needed to be the focus. If he called out "stay away from the rocks" all the group would focus on were the rocks and inevitably they would run right into them and have issues.

The idea here - focus on what you want and where you want to go.

Most of us focus on the rocks in the water - we focus on what we don't want....

I don't want to make those calls

I don't want to have that conversation

I don't want to eat healthy

and therefore we never progress and truly get where we want to go.

So I ask you - where do you want to go and what do you really want?

This week change your attention and focus on:

the success and connection you will have when you make the calls

the closure or personal power you will get from a challenging conversation

the health benefits of feeling and looking healthier

So this week i challenge you - look to where you want to go. You will find that destination more rewarding and fulfilling.

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