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Knock Knock, Who's There?

When there is a Knock at your door, you take a quick look through a window or peep hole to make sure the person on the other side is some one safe, someone you want to let in. Like the front door to our home, we also have a door to our mind....and we are letting in a lot without checking if they are safe.

Every day we let in thoughts and people that maybe should not be making their way past the front door. We hear things and are told things that tear us down, keep us small and diminish out light. It is in the news and tv we watch, the magazines we read, and sometimes the people we spend time with.

This week, we aware. Take a look through the peep hole before you let thoughts into your mind. Remember that your thoughts become your beliefs. Believe in yourself and make sure what you are letting in believes in you too.

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