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Cut Your Hair!

Do you remember the fairy tale of Rapunzel? She had long flowing, magical hair that was desired by the evil enemy - afterall all fairy tales have an enemy. After many years of captivity, Rapunzel finally realized that the only way to escape was to cut her hair - once she did that, she would be free.

So the question I have is - what took Rapunzel so long? For years she stayed captive, all along having the power to free herself so simply.

I don't think many of us are that different from Rapunzel. Many time we too are held captive - maybe to a thought process or belief, or maybe in a situation that we feel we cannot get out of - regardless we are trapped. The reality is, like Rapunzel, we also have the power to free ourselves.

We often do not see the potential and power we have inside. The ability we have to change our situation and take control over our future and current situations. The reality is - the answer to what we need is often so simple and right in front of us. We just need to take a moment to look and believe in our strength.

This week, what do you want to change? And what are some solutions YOU have to make the change? This week - cut your hair! Dont be like our friend Rapunzel and wait years stuck in a tower - get clear on your path and what you can do to free yourself and live the way you were meant to live.

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