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Let Go

As I was out walking today I found myself looking at the beauty of fall with all the colors in the trees as the leaves change and fall. It strikes me each year and it’s hard to imagine that all this beauty actually comes from the trees doing something remarkable - letting go.

A tree can not survive and live to give more beauty unless it lets go of its current beauty p, trusting for the new seasons to bring it back to life

Makes me wonder what would happen is as people we let go....

So often we hold on to Hong’s that keep us from growing

A limiting belief

A relationship

A job

Whatever it is, we hold and cling to it when maybe true growth and beauty lies in us letting go and trusting life to bring is what we really need.

So this week try to trust. Focus on growth and be brave enough to let go of that which is not serving you. You may be surprised by the beauty you find in the end

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