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Happy Birthday

When your birthday comes around, most of us are happy. We are excited for what the day may bring....

the celebration

the presents

the words from friends, family and co-workers

It is your day to feel special.

And we feel special because we have an impending event....

what if you had an impending event to look forward to every day? What is there was something 'special' about each day - something to look forward to?

maybe a call to a loved one

a well deserved nap

a walk in the park

The idea of having something special to look forward to in each day can put a pep in your step and make the day that much more enjoyable. Rather than looking at the day with all you ' have' to do - you can look for the special moment that makes teh day one to remember.

This week - set some time for something special in each day. Get excited and Celebrate each day for the simple pleasure and gift it will bring you!

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