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Planting Seeds

At the beginning of each growing season, a farmer needs to prepare the soil. They need to turn it over and fertilize it so it is ready for the season and the seeds that will be planted.

We are like that soil. FOr our lives and business, if we want our 'roots' to take hold, we must prepare. We have to get ourselves ready both mentally and purposefully before the growth can begin.

So think about a goal you have - are you ready?

Is your mindset open and ready for growth?

Do you have your support group?

Are you aware of the activities you need to do each day/week/month?

Just like the farmer, if you want success you must take time to prepare. It is not easy and it will take time...but the time spent to prepare will bring you a beautiful crop - it will bring you the goals and life you seek.

This week, take a moment to prepare yourself for the success you envision. The future you will thank you.

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