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Where is your GPS taking you?

Where are you going?

When you get into a car and are headed to your destination, GPS will help you get there. And to make this happen you only need to know 2 things:

  1. Where you are going and

  2. Where you are starting

Achieving goals and accomplishing targets is the same... you have to know where you want to go and you also must acknowledge where you are now.

Often we have an idea on both, but we really are not certain; we have a thought, but not a clear vision and therefore we don't have a clear path to get there.

This week, get clear. Know where you want to go this week, what you want to accomplish and what are your priorities. Then take stock in where you are each day. Be honest about your energy level, your commitment and take responsibility for your actions.

This week, plug-in your starting point and your desired destination and let the journey begin. The ride will be smoother and the arrival to your destination will be on the horizon.

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