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LGIM: Weeble - Wobble

As a kid I played with a toy called the Weeble Wobbles. They were little egg-like people and when you pushed them they would just wobble back and forth. In fact the jingle was weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

I think we can be like that too. Although, we refer to the phenomenon as resilience. We get pushed, sometimes knocked down and can stumble, but through it all we get back up.

In fact a true champion knows that it is not about winning and riding high, but rather how you show up when things are a struggle. A true champion rises to the occasion - during both good and challenging times.

So this week - don’t worry if you “wobble” or get pushed .... be like the toys I played with... Go with the flow and know that you may weeble, you may wobble but you won’t stay down.

~ Coach Clara

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