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Back to School

Many of us are seeing our kids go back to school. We are watching them and encouraging them to get back into routine, to be ok with having set times for specific tasks/subjects in school and also blocking time for homework. Summer is over and it is time to get back to 'work"

We expect out kids to do this so they have good habits for the future, so they can get the right things done and get into a good college.

hmmmmmmmm…. could we maybe learn something from all this?

Maybe we need to look at our days. Do we need to get back onto a schedule, block our time and also set certain times aside to work on specific items?

It may be time for us all to go back to school - back to routine, back to paying attention to how we spend our days.

This week, take a moment to get back. Get yourself grounded and prepared. There is a time for all things to get done - find out when that is for you.

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