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No Short Cuts

Drew Carey was well known for his staring role as the chubby, funny guy on the Drew Carey Show. After developing some health concerns, he later emerged onto the scene as the host of the Price is Right - and he showed up about 80 pounds lighter.

When asked how he did it, he simply responded - The Old Fashion Way. Smart Diet and exercise.

You see, as a star, Drew had access to all the fads, all the quick tricks, but he knew if he really wanted to have healthy, long term success there was not short cut.

What goal are you trying to meet?

For most of us, to achieve these goals we also have to work the old fashion methods - hard work, consistency and connection. There is no short cut to success.

This week, dig deep. Don't look for the short cuts. Yes they may bring some early wins - but if you want lasting change and have to work the system and not cut corners.

Success does not have short cuts.

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