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Rabbit Season

There is a saying - if you chase 2 rabbits you won’t catch any. Well I saw this first hand the other day.

My dog Lulu loves chasing rabbits. The only thing she may love more is chasing a squirrel. We were on our walk and in front of us about 30 feet were three rabbits having a Pow Wow in the middle of the road. As we got closer they didn’t move. I could see the excitement grow in Lulu. She got a little skip in her step and I could see her ears perk up. The closer we got, that rabbits didn’t move. It was as if they were wanting Lulu to get as close as possible.

And then it Happened - in unison all three rabbits bolted in different directions. And Lulu ..... she stood frozen. She didn’t know what to do. Which one to chase. She was frozen.

How many times does this happen to us? We have choices and opportunities, items to complete a mile long. And instead of moving forward we just stand still. Motionless

You see too many choices cause paralysis. When there is too much in front of us it’s like the rabbits - we don't know which way to go. And therefore don’t do anything.

This week, work to minimize your choices. Look at the core and critical items that really need to be a priority and focus on those. And only those. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

You cannot do it all so pick the right things to do. Otherwise you may find yourself standing in the middle of the street wondering where all the rabbits went.

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