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Pay Attention to the Butterflies

Most of us are familiar with the butterfly effect - the belief that all things are connected and results are based on many small things that, over time build up to large results In the butler fly effect, the concept is that a hurricane in the Caribbean Sea can be traced back to the small flap of a butterfly's wing thousands of miles away

The long and short - one small action can dramatically affect an out come.

Think about this today - one small step, action, decision. Is all it takes to effect a result.

Sometimes I think we believe that doing some thing small won’t make a difference - one phone call, a simple handwritten note, reading a few pages of a book - but it does .... sometimes it is all in that one small step. That one call may lead to a deal, that note card may change a persons outlook on the day and that chapter in the book may spark a life changing belief.

This week - what BOLD move can you take. What is that one thing that appears to be so small but over time can build up momentum and impact change ? This week don't hold back from that one small step. After all - that one small move IS your future.

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