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As humans, we check our phones and social media over 2600 times a day

we have a higher amount of depression and anxiety than ever

in fact - in a world where we are so connected - we are also more disconnected than ever before.


We are over-connected with things we do not need and therefore missing the most basic human necessity - true connection.

You see it all around -

people who ride the bus or a train to work - no one talks

at a restaurant - families are glued to their phones

at the work place - most have less than 10 friends that they truly engage with on a regular basis.

We are social beings and we NEED each other. We need each other

to listen to

to care

to share life

to laugh and cry with

We need each other to live fully.

So this week, get connected. Truly connected. Pick up the phone. Meet someone face to face. Use video chat to see someone far away.

Get connected and see the positive energy it can bring to the world around us all.

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