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Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever worked on a puzzle?

there are hundreds or thousands of pieces when you begin - and at the start they make no sense. As you work on it, there is a lot of failure, trying to match pieces that don't fit together and wondering how it is ever going to come together.

But then it does....

One piece fits with another, and another and then you begin to see the picture come into focus. Those pieces that once seemed so random, now begin to fall into place.

This happens in life as well. Sometimes we have a vision, but no clue how we are going to make it all work out. We try things, and they just do not seem to work... but then in time, when we keep at it, everything begins to work.

This week, keep working your puzzle. You may be able to see some of the vision, or maybe you seem to have all the wrong pieces.... but keep working it. Soon it will all come together and you will realize all the right pieces are there for you.

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