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Who's Driving this Ship?

Every day, millions of people travel. It may be by plane, train, ship or another mode. They get on the vessel and without knowing the pilot or captain, they trust they will get to the destination safely.

They willing climb aboard and just trust in a person they do not know...

So then why do we not trust ourselves to get us to our own destinations?

You see, everyday we travel too - it is the journey of our life. We jump on board and even though we are our own captain - we still do not always trust in ourselves. We don't trust we are smart enough, strong enough, brave enough....why? Why are we more open to trusting a stranger with our destiny than ourselves?

This week, lets take control. Lets be strong. Lets design a plan for success and lets trust in ourselves. We know what we need and we know how to accomplish great things to get us to our destination. This week put the trust in yourself - you know the way.

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