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LGIM: You Only Live Once....

I saw a quote the other day, You only Live Once. No - you only die once, you LIVE every day.

As I meet people I find that most are jus going through the motions of life - they are awake but not fully present, they are breathing but not really alive.

I want people to be ALIVE - to feel passion, to be excited and to live each day with happiness and purpose.

And how do we do this????? Well here are some thoughts...

Live each day with gratitude - real gratitude for all things big and small. Look at all the little things around you that you take for granted - flowers, air, fingers, toilet paper....these are some pretty great things!

Connect with others - we need connection to survive. Talk with people. Ask them about their days and lives. Simple conversations bond us together and bring humanity back into this world.

Focus on Serving others. Tony Robbins says it all the time: the purpose of living is giving. How can you serve others this week, both in business and life.

Take time to Play. We work so hard and ALOT. Take time to laugh, to have fun and to enjoy your heartbeat.

Work hard, but don't forget the power of living. This week lets all make the commitment to be ALIVE.

Pass this along to anyone else you feel can benefit from the message and lets all live with purpose and passion for the lives we have been given.

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