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Star Light, Star Bright

On a clear night I love to look up at the starts. I always marvel in their beauty and fascinated as to how many there are, they light up the night.

One thing I discovered is that for a star to be born there must be an explosion; a star is created when the gases in the universe collapse.

Many view an explosion or collapse as destruction- but it is not.... collapse is creation. You see for us to become the best version of ourselves we must break, crumple, fall - and yes sometimes explode. Even in business, systems need to be broken and re-created so that the company can evolve into something greater.

The challenge we face is that we don't like to crumble. We fear failure and destruction and therefor fight it. The more we fight, the further away from greatness we move.

This week, allow yourself to collapse. Allow for change and rebuilding of things, in your life and business. Change the way you see destruction - embrace it as not an end but as creation of something needed and better. Embrace the explosion and allow yourself to shine bright and become a star.

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