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Learn to Soar

When a baby bird is learning to fly it has no safety net. So, to protect itself, it begins by taking small hops so it can learn how to flutter its wings. It then it begins to take small flights to nearby branches, slowly expanding its distance until it is fully ready to fly farther.

The baby bird has learned that in order to fly it doesn't need to soar immediately.

The same is true for us; greatness is often born in the small steps. It is those smaller steps that allow us to gain confidence, test out our path and skills and achieve forward momentum. Many times, we try to "soar' too soon, we crash and then want to give up. We create a false belief that was cannot achieve greatness because to "tried" and failed.

You didn't fail. You just needed more time and practice to become stronger.

This week take your time. Make sure you are moving forward toward your goals, but also take your time getting there. Achievement takes risk and your safety net lies in the little flutter of your own wings. Go forward, take small risks daily and allow yourself to gain the strength and confidence needed to fly. Soon enough you will be soaring.

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