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Safety Net

At the circus there are trapeze artists. They fly thru the sky and do amazing tricks high off the ground

How do they do it? It takes courage.

Do you think the trapeze artist is born with courage? No.

What gives them the courage to take their leaps is the net below. They take several attempts, knowing that if they fall, the net will save them. With each time and trick they gain confidence and courage to fly higher and take more risks.

We all need courage. It is what gets us out of our comfort zone. But sometimes it is easier to talk about courage than to actually have it. We need a net too. Maybe it is through practice of dialogues or but having a support system around us. Whatever it is - courage doesn’t just happen it is created by having a "net" to catch us while we grow.

This week find your net . Identify something that is fearful to you and determine a way or process to bring safety to it. You too can have courage - it all starts with your safety net. With a net below you - you will be able to fly.

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