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Want success? Try Happiness First

We all talk about the importance of being happy - but what really is the secret recipe to not just get happy, but also stay happy? Well it is easier than you may think....

Social psychologist, Shawn Achor became famous with his TED talk on Happiness and here is what he said:

Success does not lead to happiness - happiness is the root of success

Most of us are programed to think just the opposite - we need to have success first and then ( and only then) will we find happiness. I know that is how i thought for many years. I tied happiness to success and because of that i struggled to be happy for more than a few moments; i was always searching for more, i was not satisfied and continually felt "empty".

But it can change..... you just have to change your program and here is how you can do that:

Begin the day with 3 new gratitudes - little things what bring you joy and that allow you to scan the world for positivity.

Journal - this allows you to recall the good things that happen to you in any given day. Rather than ending your day with feelings of emptiness or that you didnt get it all done - you can focus on the good that DID happen.

Move - you have to get active. Take just 15 minutes and move your body - you can work out or simply have some fun; shoot some hoops, have a dance party ( i personally recommend Prince, the GoGos and Earth Wind and Fire but anything works ) , take your dog to the park, play hide and seek with your kids... just get moving and release some stress.

Get quiet - Meditation is great and has amazing health and wellness benefits, but even taking 2 minutes daily to just quiet your mind can give you the shift you need. Our brains are computers and they need some down time. Take a couple minutes each day and just sit in quiet.

Random Acts of Kindness - Kindness does count. Do something nice for someone, not because you have to or you are getting something in return...just be nice. Shawn recommends sending a positive email letting someone know you appreciate them, but you can also do a handwritten note, a positive text or even call them and just day "hi" Kindness breeds kindness and i think we all can use more of this.

Happiness IS attainable and also sustainable. This week remember that both success and happiness are within your reach. Follow these simple tips daily and see how happiness flows into your days

And here’s an extra challenge - pick a partner ( friend, accountability partner, family members) and do it together. Happiness IS contagious. Let’s spread it around

~ Coach Clara

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