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Close the Tabs

On our computers, we have the ability to have several tabs open at one time. We can toggle back and forth between work documents, social media, sports, dream vacations and shopping. But what is this doing to our computer?

Having all the tabs open works, but it also takes away from the memory and speed of our computers; in fact, if we have too many tabs open at one time, the quality of speed and processing of the system can diminish.

You know… our brains are computers too. And we have many tabs open at one time too. What is this doing to i our ability to function?

More than ever, we have information coming at us at one time and our brains are toggling between thoughts of work, family, friends, and more.

It is taxing our mental ability to perform at optimal levels.

This week I encourage you to close some of your tabs. If you are not using something or do not need to focus on something, shut down that tab. Be present where you need to be. Like a computer, you can have a favorites tab to access information when you need it – but until you need it, get rid of it.

Free your mind up and be present. YOU, after all, are NOT a computer. You don’t have to run yourself like one.

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