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I GET to....

What have you already done today? I want you to think about all the things you had to do just to get to this point in your day…

for me…

I had to get up and out of bed

I had to work out

I HAD to have coffee

I had to shower and get dressed

I had to make my bed

I had to look over my schedule and prepare for the day.

We all have to do a lot of things even before the day gets started. But now let’s change it…

instead of thinking about what you had to do, lets change it to what you got to do…

I got to wake up

I got to work out

I got to have coffee

I got to make my bed

and I got to look over my schedule and prepare for the busy day ahead.

You see – we are pretty lucky. we GET to do so many things others are not so lucky to do each day. When we choose to focus on the good in our lives that is what we will find more of.

This week, focus on the little things you GET to do because those little things are pretty special and need to be appreciated.


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